“The lifetime value of a referred customer is 25% higher than that of other customers”

With BNI Your Business Grows


A BNI membership is referral networking that works! Our proven business referral system, coupled with bni online™, is designed to help businesses work together to pass referral business and explore new opportunities.

Members of BNI Alberta North passed 33,056 referrals in 2021 resulting in $‭51,013,028‬ in tracked closed business for our members! 

Visiting a meeting is free and a great way to see an online BNI Chapter meeting in action.


Three Ways to Experience BNI

Enjoy a meeting type that best fits your lifestyle and business

Referrals Work

  • 82% of small business owners have said their main source of new business is referrals (Constant Contact) 
  • Referred-in customers have a 37% higher retention rate than other customers (Deloitte)
  • The Lifetime Value of a referred customer is 25% higher than that of other customers (Wharton School of Business)
  • Conversion rates for referrals are almost 4X higher than any other marketing channel (Marketo)
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“For those who get the value of a Givers Gain attitude, BNI can be a great place to develop business connections and referrals. The support and training provided by the staff at BNI is fantastic and a big part of the success of my involvement with BNI as a whole ”

Mitch Waldon

Proud member of BNI Premiere Waldon Works Inspection Services

Givers Gain®

Created by Dr. Ivan Misner, Givers Gain® is a BNI members primary philosophy whereby members give support to other members. By giving unconditionally to others, that support builds positive relationships and trust. It also creates a desire to reciprocate to the giver.

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“Wonderful organization. Providing professional environment for networking. Opportunity to develop leadership skills. Opportunities to engage with past, present and future clients. Cheers ”

Ross Hodgins

Proud member of BNI Saint City RV City

The Worlds Largest Business Networking Organization

Founded in 1985 by Dr. Ivan Misner, BNI® is a global, proven business networking organization. Our Members are business professionals who help each other grow their businesses through their commitment to our principal core value, Givers Gain®. Each week, in thousands of communities across the globe, Members meet with other trusted business leaders to build and nurture lasting relationships and pass qualified business referrals. Membership in BNI offers access to business training, peer learning and opportunities to network and do business with hundreds of thousands of BNI members around the world.

Changing the Way the World Does Business®

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“My experience with BNI has been great! It is awesome networking program if you are willing put in the work and spend some time to get out and meet and more importantly, learn, about the new contacts you make. Like any other good business investment, there is a time commitment involved but it is well worth it. I’d recommend BNI for any business that depends on people.”

Christopher Simon

Past Vice President of BNI Capital Connections Hotspot Creative Solutions

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