Our Exclusive Gold Club

The BNI Gold Club was established to recognize BNI members who go the extra mile in building their chapters by sponsoring six or more professionals into the organization who subsequently become BNI members.  BNI Alberta North Gold Club members add value to their chapters by increasing the referral network of every member of the chapter, which means more business for everyone!

BNI Alberta North Gold Club Members as of May 2024

BNI Advantage    
Nicole Markin Peter Bolger Garrett Scully
BNI Aggregate    
Colleen Terlson Carol McCaffrey Dave Miller  
BNI Apex    
Debra Couwenberg    
BNI Black Gold    
Kim Demchuk Tanis Techer  
BNI Business Pillars    
Kris Crawford Janet Sadowski    
BNI Capital Connections    
Stephen Yakimets    
BNI Dynamic Connections     
Michael Karpow    
BNI Elite    
Karen Cloney Ulli Robson  
BNI Enterprise    
Perry Bennett  
BNI Fortune Builders    
Judy Schueler    
BNI French Connexion     
Alain Desrochers    
BNI Ignite    
Paulla Adamitz    
BNI Vista    

Anthony DeSousa

Rebecca Frederick

Kerry-Lynn Sparrow



BNI Mavericks    
Mellisa Toennies    
BNI North Stars    
Rob Mamchur Kendell Bousquet  
BNI Northern Connections    
Dori Mark    
BNI Northwest Success    
Geoff Parsons John MacLennan
BNI Park Power Connections    
Kevin Sembaliuk Daniel Bowie Rhett Bagnall    
BNI Parkland    
Dan Houcher Jordan St. Pierre Waylon Robert
BNI Premiere    
Ben Guittard Peter Lee Brad Richardson
BNI Revolution    
Shannon Adams Tammy Bauer  
BNI River City    
Shelley Smith    
BNI Saint City    
Jodie McFadzen Valerie Kosik-Sawyer    
BNI Titans    
Alexis Hlady    

Proud to honour members of the BNI Gold Club

This is a global community of our very best Members and truly honours the philosophy of BNI: Givers Gain©.  Members who consistently bring quality visitors to their chapters are extremely valuable Members indeed.  Only 10% of the people in BNI across the world have a Gold Club Membership.  BNI Members who share the opportunity with others to grow their business through trusted relationships are building that attitude of Givers Gain© into their day to day business practices. 

Visitors are the lifeblood of BNI at every level.  They are so much more than just potential Members.  They bring a whole new sphere of contacts, introductions and of course referrals.  Visitors ensure the dynamics of chapter meetings are constantly changing, so no two meetings are ever the same.

To qualify for Gold Club Membership, a member needs to sponsor at least 6 new Members into BNI. These Members have sponsored many of their friends, colleagues and new referral partners into their chapters.  They could be members of their own chapter; or they may be people in other chapters.  As they grow their chapters by inviting Visitors, they increase the referral network of every Member of the chapter, which means more business for everyone!

Gold Club Members are truly significant

  • For about every 4-5 visitors, one person will join your chapter
  • That means you may need about 25-30 visitors to attain the 6 new Members needed to be inducted into the Gold Club
  • We know that each visitor, on average, will bring about $1,000 dollars to a BNI chapter. So that can be at least $30,000 in potential business for the Members - pretty significant so far, don’t you think?
  • 6 new Members on average will bring about 30 referrals each in their first year to the chapter, so that is 180 referrals a year this group of new members contributes to the team. We know in using the Thank you for Closed Business tracking numbers for our region, a referral is worth around $1,400 on average. That would mean that these Members would bring over $250,000 per year to the chapter
  • Add that to the potential business from other Visitors, and we are talking close to $300,000 in additional closed business for the Members of the chapter
  • We thank all of our Gold Club members for what they have contributed to their fellow members, their chapters, and our entire TEAM of Referral Partners in our BNI Region!
  • BNI Gold Club members are easily recognizable because they wear a special name badge given to them in appreciation for their effort. Plus they are presented with an internationally recognized Gold Club pin. 

Gold Club members also enjoy the following privileges:

  • Acknowledgment and Recognition on the BNI Alberta North regional website
  • Complimentary entrance to BNI Alberta North Member Success Program trainings
  • Complimentary entrance to an Advanced MSP session of their choice each year
  • Recognition at the Annual Awards Gala
  • Invitation to 4 Gold Badge Club special events per year

We look forward ot welcoming you to the prestigious Gold Club!  Thank you for being a  proud BNI member.  We celebrate your contributions to your chapter!  

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