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Applying is Easy

  1. Visit a Chapter: Attend up to two meetings as a visitor to get a feel for the group and see how it operates.
  2. Apply: Submit your membership application and payment on the Chapter Website. All chapter websites follow the format:[chapter name].
  3. Interview: After you apply, the Chapter Membership Committee will schedule an interview to get to know you better.
  4. Stay Engaged: Continue attending meetings regularly. This helps you build relationships and demonstrates your commitment to becoming a BNI member.
  5. Decision: The Membership Committee will review your application and interview, then inform you whether you are accepted or not.
  6. Acceptance: If accepted, the Chapter President will announce your membership at a chapter meeting. You will then need to attend the BNI Member Success Program to get started.

Applying is easy and the first step toward finding great referral partners!

Membership Options

Membership Type Membership Fee Registration Fee GST Total
1 Year Membership + Registration Fee $875.00 $350.00 $61.25 $1,286.25
2 Year Membership + Registration Fee


$350.00 $90.00 $1,890.00
5 Year Membership + Registration Fee $3,500.00 $350.00 $192.50






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What To Expect

To help you get the most out of your first BNI meeting, here are some things to know before you go:

  • Be Prepared: Visit a chapter prepared to talk about your business. Members are interested in getting to know how connections with visitors can be mutually beneficial. Don't forget to bring your business cards!
  • Meetings: As a visitor, you can attend a chapter meeting twice. Remember to use this time to get to know the chapter personality and its members, not to promote your business. Meetings are high energy and run according to a structured agenda. They last 90 minutes with time for additional networking before and after each meeting. Plan to arrive about 15 minutes early so you don't miss any opportunities for networking.
  • You're the Expert: Only one person from each professional specialty is allowed to join a chapter of BNI, eliminating the possibility of competition among our members. When you join a chapter, you are the sole representative of your specialized field and can develop relationships with others in the chapter as the go-to person for your services.
  • Respect Your Craft: The businesses our members represent are their primary occupations, ensuring they can position themselves as resources and experts in their field.

Member Policies

Membership Committees of each chapter have final authority related to BNI® General Policies. Membership Committees may put a BNI® Member on probation or open a Member’s classification for failure to comply with the Member Policies, the Code of Ethics, or BNI® Core Values.

  1. Only one person from each BNI classification can join a chapter of BNI. Each Member can only hold one BNI classification in a BNI Chapter.
  2. BNI Members must represent their primary professional focus.
  3. BNI Members must arrive on time and stay for the entire published meeting time.
  4. An individual can only be a Member of one BNI Chapter. A Member cannot be in any other program that holds Members accountable to pass referrals.
  5. A BNI Member is allowed three absences within a continuous six-month period. If a Member cannot attend, they may send a substitute; this will not count as an absence.
  6. Members are expected to be engaged in the BNI Chapter by bringing qualified referrals and/or visitors.
  7. Visitors may attend BNI Chapter meetings up to two times.
  8. Only BNI Members who have completed the Member Success Program, and BNI  Directors/Director Consultants can do Feature Presentations during the BNI Meetings.
  9. Leaves of absence are possible for certain extenuating circumstances (e.g., extended medical issue that prevents members from working) at the discretion of the Membership Committee.
  10. Members who wish to change their BNI classification must submit a new membership application for approval. No additional fees are due at this time.
  11. All BNI membership lists are for the purpose of giving referrals only. Before sending any marketing or business solicitation communications to BNI Members outside your chapter or  Director/Director Consultants, the recipient must give their consent. Consent must be freely given, specific, informed, and unambiguous.

Policies are subject to change. All proposed policy changes need to be reviewed first by the  International Board of Advisors.

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“BNI is the single greatest way to grow your business. I've been with BNI for 7 years now, it accounts for 47% of my business since I started as an agent. My confidence as a speaker, my skills as a Real Estate agent and as a leader can be attributed in large part to BNI.”

Brad Richardson

Proud Member of BNI Premiere Maxwell Progressive

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