Season Pass for Member Training

Season Pass for Member Training - New for 2020! 


Members of BNI Alberta North have been engaging in more and more education each year and we are excited to annouce a new program for you to get into as many in-person member training sessions you can take! 

The Season Pass for Member Training is now available for the 2020 calendar year. Members can purchase the Season Pass for $150, which includes access to all Member Training events that take place throughout the year.


Price: $150.00
Duration: January 1, 2020 thru December 31, 2020

Whats Included: 

  • Quick Start 
  • Member Success Program Workshop
  • Chapter Role Training 
  • Skills Workshops 
  • Advanced MSP #2 - Getting Maximum Impact From Your Showcase Presentations
  • Advanced MSP #3 - Effective One-to-Ones
  • Advanced MSP #4 - Maximized Referrals
  • Advanced MSP #5 - Results Focused Weekly Presentations

How to register for training: 

To book specific training dates with the Season Pass please contact the regional office by phone (780) 641-2870 or email [email protected] Training sessions are now posted on the events page for 2020 

Who is this for:

This program is designed for members that would like to learn skills that can impact not only their BNI membership, but also their business. The typical Role Training Workshop is $40, which we take two times a year. The Advanced MSP sessions are $50. 

Role Training $40 x2 = $80
Advanced MSP $50 x2 = $100
Total  = $180
Savings of $30

Register for the Season Pass here!





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