Season Pass for Member Training

Season Pass for Member Training - New for 2020! 

Members of BNI Alberta North have been engaging in more and more education each year and we are excited to annouce a new program for you to get into as many in-person member training sessions you can take! 

The Season Pass for Member Training is now available for the 2020 calendar year. Members can purchase the Season Pass for $150, which includes access to all Member Training events that take place throughout the year.


  • Price: $150.00
  • Duration: January 1, 2020 thru December 31, 2020

Whats Included

  • Quick Start 
  • Member Success Program Workshop
  • Chapter Role Training 
  • Skills Workshops 
  • Advanced MSP #2 - Getting Maximum Impact From Your Showcase Presentations
  • Advanced MSP #3 - Effective One-to-Ones
  • Advanced MSP #4 - Maximized Referrals
  • Advanced MSP #5 - Results Focused Weekly Presentations

How to register for training

To book specific training dates with the Season Pass please contact the regional office by phone (780) 641-2870 or email [email protected] Training sessions are now posted on the events page for 2020 

Who is this for

This program is designed for members that would like to learn skills that can impact not only their BNI membership, but also their business. The typical Role Training Workshop is $40, which we take two times a year. The Advanced MSP sessions are $50. 


Role Training $40 x2 = $80
Advanced MSP $50 x2 = $100
Total  = $180
Savings of $30

Register for the Season Pass today!




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