BNI Charity Awards Gala

14th Annual BNI Alberta Charity Awards Gala Recap

At the heart of BNI lies the principle of Givers Gain©, where fostering meaningful connections and nurturing lasting relationships is paramount. It's about more than just transactions—it's about building trust, camaraderie, and a culture of continuous learning and support.

Our most recent BNI Charity Awards Gala, held on Saturday, February 10, 2024, was a testament to these values. We gathered to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our members over the past year, recognizing their unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions to our community. Moreover, we proudly stood in solidarity with seven of our member charities, reaffirming our commitment to giving back and creating positive change for those in need.

A mighty thank you goes to Rob Mamchur, for his exceptional work as our Emcee and representing our region at the highest level. His professionalism paired with just the right touch of humor brought the evening to life in the best way possible! 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our generous sponsors and dedicated volunteers for their invaluable support and contributions, which made our gala a resounding success! 

2024 Chapter of the Year: BNI Elite

BNI Elite achieved net 6 member growth, 81% member retention, passed 1,566 referrals, and generated  $2,469,156 in business referred among members.

Kudos to the entire team! Your dedication to cultivating a culture of collaboration, support, and progress within your chapter is incredibly commendable. We're thrilled to count you among the BNI family. Here's to ongoing achievements and prosperity ahead!

Website: BNI Elite
Chapter President: Sayem Shahid 
Vice President: Ulli Robson
Secretary Treasurer: Jadie Jensen


2024 Givers Gain®️ Award: Shannon Adams 

Congratulations to Shannon Adams for being honored with the esteemed Givers Gain® Award!

This recognition is the pinnacle of achievement for a member in our region, underscoring Shannon's commitment to the core BNI philosophy of Givers Gain®. Her boundless generosity and backing of fellow members have left a lasting impression and sparked positive change throughout our community. Shannon's contagious passion for business growth has earned her the admiration of all who have the pleasure of knowing her. Shannon, you are an absolute beacon of excellence in BNI!

Member Profile: Shannon Adams
Business: Cotton Candy Promotional Products
Home Chapter: BNI Revolution


2024 Director Consultant of the Year: Mei Yeung

This year's recipient of the Director Consultant of the Year award, Mei Yeung, has been an integral part of our regional team for the past 6 years. During this time, Mei has achieved significant milestones in her own business, demonstrated remarkable personal growth in leadership and mentorship, and played a pivotal role in developing programs to enhance the BNI experience and create value for our members.

Mei's unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions inspire us all, and we are incredibly proud to have her as a member of our team. Congratulations, Mei, on being awarded the 2024 BNI Alberta North Director Consultant of the Year!

Member Profile: Mei Yeung
Business: M. Y. Psychological Services


2024 Rookie Director Consultant of the Year: Kerry-Lynn Sparrowe

Kerry's BNI journey began a few years ago when she played a key role in building her chapter. Quickly stepping into a leadership position, she thrived amidst the challenges.
As a member of the regional support team, Kerry deftly balanced the needs of multiple chapters and her own business. Her impactful contributions, coupled with her fun-loving personality and problem-solving approach, earned her the respect of RST members and chapter members alike.
Congratulations, Kerry, on this well-deserved recognition!
Member Profile: Kerry-Lynn Sparrowe
Business: World Financial Group 
Home Chapter: BNI Limitless


2024 Chapter President of the Year: Heather Bowie 

Congratulations to Heather Bowie for earning Chapter President of the Year! As the Chapter President of BNI North Stars, Heather has exhibited outstanding leadership qualities by setting a clear vision and guiding the chapter to success with her positivity, energy, and organizational skills.

Under her leadership, her chapter saw a remarkable increase of net 8 new members, with an impressive overall retention rate of 91.3%. 

We are privileged to have Heather as a valued member of our BNI community!

Member Profile: Heather Bowie
Business: Flare Mortgage Group
Nominees  Chapter
Brittini Hostyn BNI Park Power Connections
Heather Bowie ⭐ BNI North Stars
Nik Hewlett BNI Aggregate
Sayem Shahid BNI Elite
Tegan Cassidy BNI Premiere


2024 Chapter Vice President of the Year: Ulli Robson

Congratulations to Ulli Robson on being awarded Chapter Vice President of the Year! 

Ulli has been a stalwart of support in the chapter as organization and timeliness are two things that run deep in her veins. She has been a leader to the membership committee as they kept renewals and new applications moving smoothly, all while ensuring accountability and positivity are maintained. We know BNI Elite is honoured to have her as a member, and so are we! 


Member Profile: Ulli Robson
Business: Safe With Ulli
Chapter: BNI Elite
Nominees Chapter
Colleen Pushor BNI Park Power Connections
Jodie McFadzen BNI Saint City
Joyce Oskoboiny BNI Mavericks
Lesa Nelson BNI Black Gold
Sarah Swart BNI Spark 
Ulli Robson ⭐ BNI Elite


2024 Chapter Secretary Treasurer of the Year: Brad Richardson

As recipient of this year's Secretary Treasurer award, Brad has demonstrated remarkable dedication, meticulous organization, effective communication with members and the regional office, and steadfast leadership.

His unwavering commitment to both new and seasoned chapter members has played a pivotal role in nurturing a vibrant and supportive community.

Congratulations, Brad, on this well-deserved honor!

Member Profile: Brad Richardson
Business: Maxwell Progressive
Chapter: BNI Premiere
Nominees Chapter
Brad Richardson ⭐ BNI Premiere
Cindy Gannon BNI Business Pillars
Crystal Dentman BNI Infinity
Dennis O'Sullvan BNI Saint City
Jadie Jensen BNI Elite

Special Recognition: Michael Camilleri - Positive Attitude Award

Known as "Mr. Electrifying" Michael Camilleri shines as a beacon of infections positivity within BNI!

With his uplifting spirit, Michael exemplifies the essence of our core values, inspires others to embrace optimism and cultivate lasting relationships that transcend a typical business transaction. 

Congratulations, Michael! 

Member Profile: Michael Camilleri
Business: Clean Air Solutions

Regional Awards 

Top BNI Business Builder: Shannon Adams

This award represents our core value of Lifelong Learning. Shannon is the top learner on BNI Business Builder and has completed over 2,000 learnings in 2023!

Top Sponsor in Region: Jodie McFadzen

Jodie McFadzen is the recipient of the Top Sponsor Award by sponsoring 7 members in 2023!  This involves an incredible amount of intention to educate, invite and support members in their BNI journey.  Congratulations Jodie! 

Million Dollar Givers: Chad Wnuk & Valerie Kosik-Sawyer 

Thank you for Closed Business is a contribution to fellow members that we continue to want to tell the story about.  It represents the dollars that we directly  contribute to someone else's bottom line.

Chad Wnuk generated $1,785,788 for fellow BNI Members in 2023! 

Valerie Kosik-Sawyer generated $1,068,526 for fellow BNI Members in 2023! 

Chapter with Most Passed Business: BNI Northwest Success

This award goes the team that has collectively generated the most thank you for closed business by continually making intentional connections to their referral partners.  With $4,413,399, from Grand Prairie congratulations to BNI Northwest Success!

Highest First Year Member Retention: BNI Business Pillars

BNI Business Pillars has shown to be invested by brining in the right new members on their team and then supported their BNI journey early on and ensured they are getting the most out of their BNI membership.  Congratulations BNI Business Pillars for achieving a first year retention rate of 83%.

Highest Overall Member Retention - BNI North Stars

In 2023, members of BNI North Stars showed their commitment to challenge each other, contribute to each other’s growth and focus on the activities that lead to success of each member.  Through their efforts the chapter has achieved a 91% overall member retention rate

Chapter with Most Referrals Passed: - BNI Saint City

The lifeblood of BNI, all the activities we contribute towards that are meant to culminate in the quality connections and growing each others business. Congratulations to BNI Saint City for generating the 2,124 referrals to their fellow members

Regional Thank You For Closed Business

Each year we set our goals and track our performance towards achieving our goals. This year is no different and we are thrilled to announce the success for our members. Business kept going, referrals were passed, and we tracked a very impressive amount of business generated - $43,726,260

Years of Givers Gain® - Recognizing Long Term Members

We were delighted to recognize our longstanding members, as they are the pillars of our chapters and the cornerstone of our achievements. They embody the essence of the Givers Gain© philosophy

Name Business Name Chapter Years of Membership
Kris Crawford Kris Crawford Mortgages - Invis BNI Business Pillars 18
Abdallah (Boda) Bouhamdan Chronos Wealth Solutions BNI Dynamic Connections 15
Alain Desrochers Elite Kitchens BNI French Connexion 10
Brent Haydey One Wave Life BNI Elite 10
Jeremy Kwok Principle Centered Financial Services Inc. BNI Elite 10
Kevin Sembaliuk Zen Cyber BNI Park Power Connections 10
Kimberly Demchuk Allstate Insurance Company of Canada BNI Black Gold 10
Sunny Sun S Guo Professional Corporation BNI Enterprise 10
Adam Williams Liberty Security BNI Black Gold 5
Alex Gervais Loop Strategic Marketing BNI North Stars 5
Alex Putnam Terra Landscaping Ltd. BNI Referral Masters 5
Andrea Manning Pulse Metalworks Ltd. BNI Infinity 5
Andy Akle IG Wealth Management BNI Titans 5
Andy Doucet Illumin8 Digital Marketing Inc. BNI Northwest Success 5
Aron Egey-Samu Clarity Wealth Counsel Inc BNI Saint City 5
Brenda Smith-Goddu Envision Medical Spa Inc BNI Black Gold 5
Brian Horak Insight Law LLP BNI Business Pillars 5
Brittini Hostyn Fox and Forth Inc. BNI Park Power Connections 5
Byron Whittal St. Arnaud Pinsent Steman Chartered Accountants BNI Spark 5
Candace Rogers Mondo Mechanical Ltd. BNI North Stars 5
Cassandra Jackson Brick & Mortar Law BNI Apex 5
Cathy Henbest Invis, Canada's Mortgage Experts BNI Revolution 5
Chris Kadyk Edward Jones BNI Northern Connections 5
Clement Lapointe Madaflo Craftman BNI Apex 5
Clint Duperron Sun Life BNI Northwest Success 5
Cory Peters Polar Electric BNI Elite 5
Curtis Irvine VERICO, iMortgage Solutions BNI Black Gold 5
Daniel Roberts King & Company Chartered Professional Accountants BNI River City 5
David Bates Inspection Works BNI Enterprise 5
Elliot Chokka IG Private Wealth Management BNI River City 5
Gary Rowland Specially Made by Beamz BNI Infinity 5
Gerry Hudson Desjardins Independent Network BNI North Stars 5
Hermes Fuentes Hermes Plumbing and Heating Service Ltd BNI Saint City 5
Holly Oliver Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant BNI Enterprise 5
Hue Anh Luu PerMat Window Film Expressions Inc. BNI Capital Connections 5
Jason O'Donnell Infinite Eye Photography BNI Park Power Connections 5
Jeffrey Carruthers Gold Cleaning Janitorial Services BNI Impact 5
Jodie McFadzen The UPS Store #65 BNI Saint City 5
John Hayes The Press Gallery BNI Saint City 5
Jordan St.Pierre The Mortgage Centre Elite BNI Parkland 5
Ken Kunkel REAL Broker BNI River City 5
Kris Waye Grassroots Property Management BNI Northwest Success 5
Kyle Coulombe Dynamic General Contracting Ltd BNI Apex 5
Lee Jackson Valpak Media BNI Park Power Connections 5
Lucy Prokop Divine Painting Services Inc. BNI Mavericks 5
Mac Sokulski MiKS Media Inc. BNI Mavericks 5
Mark Olsson Trifecta Electrical Solutions Inc. BNI North Stars 5
Matt Bowen Positive Power Electrical Services Inc. BNI Parkland 5
Matthew Kaup Kaup Law Office BNI Saint City 5
May Crain Blooms by May BNI Aggregate 5
Mina Angotti Eden Rock Interiors BNI North Stars 5
Nicolas Allen Human Integrated Performance BNI North Stars 5
Nik Hewlett Hometown Renovations BNI Aggregate 5
Nik Jankovic Müve Team at Royal LePage ArTEAM Realty BNI Fortune Builders 5
Renee Brown Remax Real Estate BNI Mavericks 5
Sarah Van Dusen High Level Marketing BNI Mavericks 5
Sherry Crawford Prairie Villa Insurance BNI Northern Connections 5
Spencer Mortenson SM Web Development BNI Titans 5
Srijohn Mandal Europa Deli & Sausage Hut BNI Northwest Success 5
Stephan Doucet Weizer Plumbing BNI Park Power Connections 5
Stuart Muir Prusik Innovations Ltd. BNI Enterprise 5
Terry Richter Premier Collision Centre BNI Elite 5
Tim Weber Solomon Financial Group BNI Dynamic Connections 5
Vini Costanzo Samba Web Studio BNI Referral Masters 5

2024 Chapter Member of the Year

As chosen by your Regional Support Team and weighted with overal Member Participation. All nominees were happily put forth with the intent of recognizing those amongst us who contribute not only to the success of the chapter and its member’s, but also to the culture, the camaraderie and the downright silliness than can be BNI! Congratulations to the award winners! 

Chapter Member Company
BNI Advantage Peter Bolger Hollis Developments Inc.
BNI Aggregate Carol McCaffrey MortgagesLab
BNI Apex Kyle Coulombe Dynamic General Contracting Ltd
BNI Aviators Brad Hanson Hanson Inspections
BNI Black Gold David Bier North 49 Home Inspections Ltd
BNI Business Pillars Cindy Gannon REMAX Real Estate
BNI Capital Connections Marianne Krueger Business Solutions by Safeguard
BNI Dynamic Connections Sheryl Stephens REMAX
BNI Edge Joni Bahm Axiom Mortgage Solutions
BNI Elite Linda Kowalski Juice Plus +
BNI Enterprise Adrian Michelutti RE/MAX Elite
BNI Fortune Builders Nik Jankovic Müve Team at Royal LePage ArTEAM Realty
BNI French Connexion Stephane Tremblay Bigshow Scaffolding & Shrink Wrapping Inc.
BNI Ignite Paulla Adamitz Adamitz Financial Solutions Inc
BNI Impact Mei Yeung M. Y. Psychological Services
BNI Infinity Don Vierboom Four Tree Coaching
BNI Limitless Anthony de Sousa HACK&Co at RE/MAX River City
BNI Mavericks Sarah Van Dusen High Level Marketing
BNI Midnight Oil Mike Wojcicki Solomon Financial
BNI North Stars Lance Hruschak Knight Doors and Windows Ltd.
BNI Northern Connections Don Murray Richmond Dry Cleaners Ltd.
BNI Northwest Success Mariah Braun M3M Marketing
BNI Oil City Cindy Gerritsen DLC Maximal Mortgages
BNI Park Power Connections Ben Pond Nuvo Construction
BNI Parkland Emma Wood Pretty as a Picture Photography
BNI Premiere Ryan Block Total Duct Inc.
BNI Referral Masters Jamie Moffat LocaliQ
BNI Revolution Tammy Bauer Because789 Bookkeeping
BNI River City Shelley Smith Venture Law Group LLP
BNI Saint City Jon Hutchison Hutchison Cabinets LTD.
BNI Spark Kendall Parcher
BNI Titans Alexis Hlady EXP REALTY
BNI Triumph Derek Kearns iTrack Fitness Inc.


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