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Dennis O'Sullivan

Phone 780-850-7094

Mr. Dennis O'Sullivan
A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections
210 506A St Albert Trail
St. Albert
T8N 5Z1

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Dennis O'Sullivan

A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections
Chapter: BNI Saint City (St. Albert, AB)

Real Estate, Home Inspector

My BusinessI am a CHI (Certified Home Inspector) with over 15 years experience as a Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter in the home building and home inspection industry. My training as a Home Inspector is over twice that of the normal industry standard. I perform a thorough inspection ensuring that i provide peace of mind for all my clients. Our company motto: Assist, Comfort & Protect

Ideal Referral-Pre-Sale: Most common inspection performed before sales conditions are removed to help the buyer make the most informed decision they can. - Indoor Air Quality and Mold Testing: Suspect you have mold or that you may be breathing in poor quality air? We perform an IAQ test which will show exactly what is in the air you're breathing and whether it is safe or not. This test comes complete with full laboratory analysis. -Pre-Listing Inspections: As a seller have your home inspected before you list. This helps to set realistic pricing, cuts down on negotiating time and in total this inspection has proven to sell your home 30% faster. -New Home Inspections: Ensure your investment in a new home is safe by having it inspected by a 3rd party inspector, not by one of the builders employees as this presents a major conflict of interest. I'm impartial and am there to provide an honest assessment of the home. -New Home Warranty Inspection: Before your warranty expires have your home reinspected so you can provide your builder with a full list of any and all repairs/deficiencies noted. - Maintenance Inspections: Learn all you need you to know about your own home - Renovation Inspections: Ensure your renovation is done correctly.

Top ProductMy home Inspection packages come complete with Thermal Imaging and a wide array of warranties incl. at no extra cost. Indoor Air Quality and Mold Testing :If you suspect you may have mold in your home. If you notice that when at home or in the office that you cough a lot more or your breathing is labored etc. then you should have an IAQ test done to figure out what exactly is in the air you're breathing.

Top Problem SolvedI did an inspection on a trailer for a client who decided against buying the home. The owner, who was an elderly lady called me upset about the situation. The lady had bought the home without having it inspected a few years prior and unfortunately there were issues with the home. I worked with the lady and her realtor and helped resolve some of the issues on her home and helped her to make the sale. The elderly lady was very anxious to move on and sell as she was having problems with her neighbors and i was very glad to be of assistance.

My Favorite BNI StoryBNI has thought how me how to network. It thought me how to listen to others and how to refer them. My favorite BNI memory was the look on a fellow members face when i gave them the first referral they'd received from BNI.

My Ideal Referral PartnerReceive: Realtors, Mortgage brokers, Insurance Give Referrals: Roofer, Handyman, Plumber/HVAC , Electrician, Builder/Renovator.