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Carol Boyce - BNI Saint City Business Network (St. Albert, AB)

I recently had kitchen valances designed, fabricated and installed by April Hildebrandt of First Impressions Window Coverings.

It was a rather long process, as I first got a quote in the fall of 2011. At that time, I decided I needed to wait a bit before proceeding with the order. I was impressed by April's patience and her insistence that if I was not totally comfortable with the process and the end result, there would be no point in proceeding. She wanted the windows to have that WOW factor when people walked into the room.

When I was ready, you came back and did a second, no-fee consultation, and re-measured the windows to ensure everything would fit properly. The extra time we took to think about the design really paid off, and we found the perfect design, fabric and colour combinations for my house.

When the valances came in, April was prompt and efficient at installing them, as well as providing cleaning instructions and a lovely thank you card with chocolates!

I will definitely recommend First Impressions Window Coverings to other homeowners who want a quality, custom design that truly fits their decor and the architecture of their home. I am very happy with my new valances. Thank you!


Carol Boyce
Travel Counsellor
DC Connections Travel

Connecting you with your dream vacation!

Kent Zadko - BNI Aviators (Sherwood Park AB)


#107, 101 Broadway Blvd., Sherwood Park, AB., T8H 2A8
Ph. (780) 449-1487 Fax (780) 449-0475
Cell (780) 938-2566

July 24, 2012

To whom it may concern,

I recently referred a client, someone I’ve known for several years and used to work with, to Dean Assiff and his team at H+M Carpet Care. My client was going through a difficult separation and was living in a basement suite, in his own home. After much deliberation, he decided to rid himself of his tenants and re-take his own home.

There was much work to be done on the upper level of the house. Both the carpets and furniture needed immediate care. I used to clean furniture for a living, so when I saw Mike’s situation, I even hesitated to refer Dean to him because I knew how much work would be needed to restore this furniture.

I have since been back to Mike’s house and he is thrilled with the work that Dean and his team have done. He knew that the results wouldn’t be perfect, but he was amazed at how close they came to achieving just that!

Thanks Dean for treating my client the way I would expect him to be treated! You’re a consummate professional and I appreciate having you as a resource.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Kent L. Zadko

Alana Gueutal - BNI Corporate Synergy (Edmonton, AB)
Thanks so much to Tony Semple, and the staff at the 4404 Restaurant at the Delta Hotel South Edmonton.
I had an amazing birthday celebration - the staff was so attentive, and we had our every need taken care of. The ambience was amazing, the food was outstandingly delicious, and we had an amazing evening. Tony even came out himself to ensure we were taken care of. Very impressed.

Thanks so much for everything - we will definitely be back for special events!
Alana Gueutal - BNI Corporate Synergy (Edmonton, AB)
Thanks so much to Marlene and staff for taking such good care of my parents while they were in looking for new floors. They had a list of very specific needs, and the staff at ProSource was able to show them the floors that filled all their needs, but without them feeling pressured.
Once they had chosen their floor, they were very pleased to get referred to a wonderful installer, who installed their new floors with great care and pride. My parents are happy to show off their new floor, and are planning "floor upgrades" in their entire house!

I'm grateful to ProSource Wholesale Flooring for making my parents feel like a million bucks, and for making their house look like it!
Kevin Bhandal - BNI Corporate Synergy (Edmonton, AB)
Recently I tasked Alana with a printing project that required creative thinking and design. I walked into her shop with a vague idea of what I wanted and the look and feel I was going after. After a brief interview Alana assured me that she knew what I wanted and that she would have something for me to proof in short order.

After a couple of days I received a proof from Alana that was exactly what I was looking for, but Alana was not satisfied and felt she could do better. The next day I received the proofs of her new design and it was beyond anything I could have envisioned.

This is the what Alana brings beyond being able to use the printing machines and having extensive product knowledge, she has the drive and the creativity to make her customers ideas a reality.

Thanks again Alana!

Kevin Bhandal

Melanie Goodwin - BNI Dynamic Connections (Edmonton, AB)
May 20’12

Over the years I have visited many health practitioner’s offices searching for a way to make my body feel, work and be healthier. It is not uncommon for me to visit my Chiropractor’s office to help alleviate the stresses and strains in my body while maintaining the health of my spine. A couple of years ago, my Chiropractor suggested that I should try seeing Dr. Ongaro and explained to me that the work Dr. Ongaro does is different from her general/traditional method, however I did not pursue looking into it at that time.

Since then, a couple of years have passed and, I was reintroduced to Dr. Ongaro’s specialty. This time I decided to go in and see her. She did a thorough examination and consultation to determine if I would be a good candidate for her method, NUCCA, and fully explained the procedure, its effectiveness and potential long term results.

Due to her thorough explanation and examination, she helped me to feel comfortable with proceeding with the treatment… Testimonial about the results to follow!

Thank you for your time Dr. O!

Melanie Goodwin
TierOne Travel - Edmonton

Sylvia Lee - BNI North Stars (Edmonton, AB)
I would like to present this written testimonial for fellow chapter member Terence Boss. I have known Terence for 9 months since he joined our North Stars chapter in Edmonton. Over the course of our weekly meetings, I had mentioned a household problem I was having with a sewer cleanout cap in my basement that had crumbled apart. This was causing an unhealthy smelly problem in my house that I had not been able to solve as the company that manufactured the original cast iron cap had long ceased to exist.

Even though Terence is a painter and not a plumber, he offered to ask various trades people and industrial workers he met with over the course of travel to various work sites, to find a solution. After some trial and error, he found something to serve as a replacement plug that was both effective and economical.

I am pleased to have received Terence’s time and assistance to deal with an issue that was not part of his main business nor something that produced immediate profit for him. In my opinion, my problem was urgent but not urgent enough for both a plumber and a handyman to solve. Terence helped me simply through his everyday connections - he saw a need, and led the way to find a solution. This reflects BNI’s motto of ‘Givers Gain”.

If I have any painting or drywall work in the future, I know that Terence will be able to do the job and spot any related issues that would affect the work. He has an eye for detail and making sure a completed job is also a job done well.

Janet Wilson - BNI Corporate Synergy (Edmonton, AB)
Kevin Bhandal, Aim Janitorial
A much-belated thank you so much for the amazing service you have provided in cleaning and carpet shampooing the home of my client a few months back. Each member of your team was friendly and professional, personable and incredibly helpful. As a manager and coordinator, the people you bring on are a reflection of you, and each one I have dealt with demonstrated an attention to detail in the care and time they took to do their jobs. I am confident to recommend Aim to clients, family and friends alike as a result of the prompt and professional service I received on behalf of my client.
Thanks so much for a well-managed job well-done!
Janet Wilson, TimeSquared

Kingsley Leung - BNI Referral Masters (Edmonton, AB)
To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this in regards to Mr. Aaron Dokken of Creative Electric (formerly Local Sparky Electrical). He has been my main contact whenever I refer clients who need an electrician or electrical services, and just as importantly, he is someone I can say is a good friend of mine who I see on a weekly basis.

Just last year, I put Aaron together with the company that did our home basement renovation. I had no hesitation to recommend his services based on the person I know that is highly qualified, certified in his profession, and who genuinely cares about the specific needs of his clients. My wife and I are also looking to do some backyard renovations this summer and we plan to give Aaron a call to take care of some major electrical work.

On the personal side, Aaron is passionate about hockey (especially the LA Kings) and he’s also cares about the lives of others. So it is no surprise that every year he is heavily involved as a player and as a fundraiser with the Scotiabank Pro-Am NHL Alumni hockey tournament for Alzheimer's research.

A job well done, and a super nice individual – Mr. Aaron Dokken.

Kingsley Leung
Kris Crawford - BNI West Wing (Edmonton, AB)
March 19, 2012.

Dear Seth,

I would like to thank you for the quality service you have provided to my clients and
business contact that I have referred you to. As a professional I like to be certain that when
referring my contacts, they will be guaranteed a quality of service that reflects back on me, not
only have you exceeded my expectation but theirs as well. This is what Matt Finnen a Broker
Relationship Manager from Scotia Mortgage Authority had to say about your service.

“Thanks again for setting me up with Seth Glick from Clear Skies Window and Gutter
Cleaning. Seth’s professionalism and good service was appreciated. It was easy to make an
appointment, and I appreciated that they called to confirm the time on the day we had
I also found Seth and his team to be very efficient. With two people doing the work, the task
was completed in a timely manner. He even offered to put up my Xmas lights when I saw him up
on my roof.”

I appreciate our business relationship and look forward to continually working together in the


Kris Crawford
Innovative Mortgage Solutions
Mortgage Associate
Patti Macdonald - BNI Corporate Synergy (Edmonton, AB)
Monte is the kind of realtor that not only knows the market, he also knows people! Monte is a great communicator and knows how to add value to each particular customer’s experience. I am confident in referring Monte to my clients because he and I share a common customer satisfaction goal – to work with happy clients on a repeat basis.
Rebecca Prince - BNI Aviators (Sherwood Park AB)
What Does BNI Do For My Business
I have been a member since March 2011. I hold the Cosmetic, Skincare seat. The value BNI offers to every member that I want to testify of is the personal growth and passion it creates for our personal business' and for our fellow members. We cannot do justice in our personal business' wtihout maintaining our passion for great service. BNI gives back to me through the effectiveness of weekly meetings and other great training opportunities.

Thanks Pat for your inspired leadership.

Becky Prince
Rebecca Prince - BNI Aviators (Sherwood Park AB)
I recently connected with an Arbonne Consultant from Florida who spoke about being a a BNI member. This was on a training audio and it perked my interest. Her testimonial was that BNI helped grow her business and she recognized the value at about the 1 year mark. I contacted this lady and three other Arbonne consultanst...all BNI members had a conference call and discussed ways to be successful in BNI.
Thanks BNI and specifically Pat for your leadership.
Kingsley Leung - BNI Referral Masters (Edmonton, AB)
Recently, Kellee Dawson of Intentional Wealth and Benefits has taken the task of insuring my family (life and disability). I have been sufficiently covered, however my wife who has had Type I diabetes since age 14, has never been insured and in fact every company or insurance dealer has said they would never even consider it. Until now. Kellee not only has the knowledge and understanding of the insurance industry, but she also has an untrainable quality - the ability to be compassionate and sympathetic. With this combination, she has been able to find a company that is currently in the process of putting together a quote. Even if we are denied in the end, the fact that we are even at this point is a miracle.

Anything that involves my family, I take to another level of seriousness. When it comes to letting outsiders in, I have no problem with recommending and dealing with Kellee as an 'honourary' member of our family.

Sari and Kingsley Leung

Kingsley Leung - BNI Referral Masters (Edmonton, AB)
I met with David Schumacher twice now and cannot wait until our third meeting. He is approachable, professional, he actually listens and can decipher even the most convoluted of information I have thrown at him and make perfect sense of it. To date I have yet to meet any financial advisor that has put me first, provided ideas and a plan that have suited my needs versus just selling the same old archaic funds that bore me and give me little confidence. His traditional values mixed with his new out of the box thinking have already shown me that he is ‘my guy’ and I am really looking forward to working with him for many years. His youthful approach to investing while protecting my money is noted in everything we discuss and clearly outlined in our plan. He takes the time to be there for you in whatever way you need and I have already recommended him to close friends and family and would not for a second hesitate to continue to do so.

He gave me the options and scenarios that perfectly matched exactly what I asked for and although repetitive I cannot stress enough how impressed I was with what he had prepared for me and how we intend to move forward. I now with David, finally have full confidence in my future portfolio and an appropriate plan of action to meet all of my financial needs.


Todd Baram

Brad Prince - BNI Referral Masters (Edmonton, AB)
MI Salon and Day Spa (the business) & Angela Morrow (its owner) share many fantastic qualities. Words like professional, capable, warm, diverse, and healthy come to mind. The salon is always very clean and carries the natural aromatherapy of Kevin Murphy professional hair products. It is obvious that both MI stylists and MI customers use and enjoy these hair products. I have personally had my hair taken care of by Melody, Tia, and Angela. I have enjoyed and come to depend on consistent, high end hair cuts. Earlier this year my wife Karli celebrated her birthday while being 8 months pregnant. I surprised her with a gift certificate for a prenatal massage and pedicure. The massage provided some well deserved comfort - Karli commented specifically on the calming atmosphere, and professional service. She came home beaming! I'll also add that Karli has cute feet to begin with, but the pedicure took it up a notch. She was a happy mumma. Thanks Angela. Please thank your team as well.


Brad Prince
Greg Douglas - BNI Park Power Connections (Sherwood Park, AB)
Aug 23, 2011
TSR Solutions
Ardrossan, AB
Phone: 780-504-0569
Fax: 780-922-7304

To whom it may concern,

I have been working with Sheila from TSR Solutions for almost an entire year now. I have found her services to be timely, professional, reliable and most of all, a source of freedom in my business.

TSR Solutions has been helping us with a marketing promotion we had been putting off for over a year due to lack of time availability on my part. By having Sheila do the legwork on the program, we have brought on new clients we never would have had and increased our revenues. We have found that every dollar spent on her services has returned over $22 in revenues – something I am certain every business owner can appreciate.

My only problem with TSR Solutions now is finding new ways to leverage my time by using their services. I would not hesitate to recommend Sheila’s Virtual Assistant services to any business that is short on time and having issues with workload. By using a virtual assistant instead of a traditional employee for this function, we save money on staff overhead, we are able to stop, start and change services as we see fit, and not have the additional expenses of additional phones, computers and office space that would be part of the burden of hiring additional staff. While I was at first uncertain as to how this arrangement would work, continuing our relationship with TSR Solutions is one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made.

Please feel free to contact me directly for any personal references. Thank you!


Greg Douglas
Douglas Environmental

James Burkinshaw - BNI Capital Connections (Edmonton, AB)
I have retained Mac as my insurance agent. Mac has exceeded my expectations. When I first met Mac I was spending over $800 on critical illness insurance. Mac brought the cost down to half that amount. What especially impressed me was the way Mac went over my existing insurance and made suggestions to cut my costs and did not try to sell me new coverage! Mac’s way of doing business is honorable. I will have no hesitation in referring Mac new business and encourage all of you who read this testimonial to call Mac at 780-708-2203 for insurance.

Yours very truly,



Crystal Mamchur - BNI Park Power Connections (Sherwood Park, AB)
Chris Korte is my families Financial Advisor. We started working with Chris over 1 year ago and he has helped my family save money in taxes, Max out RSPs, set up RESPs, and we now have a plan for life. I feel confident knowing there is someone to help set financial strategies and goals so my husband and I can retire when we want and with piece of mind. I recommend Chris Korte for anyone wanting to start a financial plan or have a second opinion on their existing one.